POLITICO poll shows terrorism and Ebola fears

A new POLITICO poll of battleground states and Congressional districts shows voters are concerned amid terrorism threats and an Ebola outbreak with only two weeks to go before Election Day. Terrorism: Eighty-four percent of voters say that the Islamic State poses a “serious” threat to the U.S. homeland, including 43 percent who say it poses […]

Lots of talk but little walk regarding women’s rights around the world

Well-meaning rhetoric on women’s rights is not being matched by meaningful action, with girls suffering the “double jeopardy” of being young and female, according to a new report written about in the UK’s Independent. The world is failing to deliver on gender equality, says the study by children’s charity Plan UK. There is no country […]

Just 22 percent say they’re ‘better off’ under Obama

The Washington Post reports: The new Washington Post-ABC News poll asked people a pretty direct question: “Would you say you yourself are better off financially than you were when Obama first became president, not as well off, or in about the same shape as then financially?” The results: Just 22 percent of Americans say they […]

GOP and Dems rank economy high in importance but differ on other issues

Republican and Democratic voters see the economy, jobs, and fixing the federal government as important to their congressional vote this year, but prioritize other issues quite differently, according to a recent Gallup survey. Republicans and Republican leaners rate the situation with Islamic militants and the deficit in their top five issues. For Democrats and Democrat […]

Gallup Predicts Voter Turnout Will Be Lowest in Years

Turnout in the midterm elections this fall could be lower than in the past two midterm elections, based on current voter engagement, reports Gallup. On each of three indicators of voter engagement in midterm elections — how much thought Americans have given to them, their expressed motivation to vote, and their enthusiasm about voting compared […]

Girls more likely to be bullied at school but more likely to cyberbully others

Girls are more likely to be bullied at school than boys, according to a study of high schoolers. Girls are more likely than boys to be bullied through rumors or being left out on purpose. And girls may be more likely than boys to cyberbully. Around 1 out of 4 teens was bullied during a […]

One-Fifth of Americans Worry About Getting Ebola

Twenty-two percent of U.S. adults are concerned they will contract Ebola, according to a new Gallup survey released Tuesday. Gallup conducted the survey Oct. 4-5, shortly after the discovery of an Ebola patient in the U.S. — but before his death on Oct 8. Only 61% of Americans feel confident in the federal government’s ability […]

Poll: Americans Pessimistic Government Can Protect Them

Americans lack confidence in the government’s ability to protect their personal safety and economic security, a sign that their widespread unease about the state of the nation extends far beyond politics, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll. With Election Day about a month away, more than half those in the survey said Washington can […]

Today is 24 year Anniversary of Germany Reunification

Germany is celebrating its national holiday with events around the country to recall reunification 24 years ago. This year, the main festivities are being held in the northern city of Hanover.

Women’s Colleges in a Global Context

While the number of women’s colleges in the U.S. and Europe continues to shrink, women’s institutions are growing in size and number in other parts of the world. In a new book, Kristen Renn, a professor of higher, adult and lifelong learning at Michigan State University and associate dean of undergraduate studies and director of […]