Over 10 Million Votes Cast Nationwide So Far

Early voting has been going on in more than half the states. As of yesterday, there were 10,039,001 votes cast, according to electproject.org.  Florida has seen the most votes, where an extremely close Governor’s race dominates the landscape, with just over 1.96 million votes cast so far.  Florida is followed by California with 1.5 million […]

CDC: life expectancy in the US reaches record high

Life expectancy at birth among the US population – defined as “the average number of years that a group of infants would live if the group was to experience throughout life the age-specific death rates present in the year of birth” – increased from 78.7 years in 2011 to 78.8 years in 2012. This is […]

Key Decisions Obama Delaying Until After the Election

President Obama has seen his personal polling numbers fall, his policies remain unpopular and questions have been raised by Members of both parties and the media regarding his leadership abilities.  Few liberal candidates want the President to campaign with them and even fewer want to have to answer to voters on whether they agree with […]

Democrat Women in Congress Outnumber GOP Women 3-1

Political Parity, a nonpartisan organization striving for women parity in elected office, notes that Democrat women in Congress currently outnumber their GOP counterparts by a 3-1 margin. Interestingly, just 30 years ago, the breakdown was equal.  During President Reagan’s second term, 25 women served in Congress; 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats.  Today, there are 99 […]

Things the middle-class can no longer afford

Business Insider ranked some of the things today’s ‘middle-class’ can no longer afford. Vacations – A Statista survey found that this year 54% of people gave up purchasing big ticket items like TVs or electronics so they can go on a vacation. New Car – “Median-income families in only one major city [Washington DC] can afford […]

Saudi Arabia to Women – You Better Not Drive

Saudi Arabia is warning women in their country not to protest the ban on female drivers. In a statement released by the Interior Ministry for Saudi Arabia, Saudi officials warned that they would punish women who attempt to drive in their country as well as the men who allowed them to do so. “Female drivers […]

POLITICO poll shows terrorism and Ebola fears

A new POLITICO poll of battleground states and Congressional districts shows voters are concerned amid terrorism threats and an Ebola outbreak with only two weeks to go before Election Day. Terrorism: Eighty-four percent of voters say that the Islamic State poses a “serious” threat to the U.S. homeland, including 43 percent who say it poses […]

Lots of talk but little walk regarding women’s rights around the world

Well-meaning rhetoric on women’s rights is not being matched by meaningful action, with girls suffering the “double jeopardy” of being young and female, according to a new report written about in the UK’s Independent. The world is failing to deliver on gender equality, says the study by children’s charity Plan UK. There is no country […]

Just 22 percent say they’re ‘better off’ under Obama

The Washington Post reports: The new Washington Post-ABC News poll asked people a pretty direct question: “Would you say you yourself are better off financially than you were when Obama first became president, not as well off, or in about the same shape as then financially?” The results: Just 22 percent of Americans say they […]

GOP and Dems rank economy high in importance but differ on other issues

Republican and Democratic voters see the economy, jobs, and fixing the federal government as important to their congressional vote this year, but prioritize other issues quite differently, according to a recent Gallup survey. Republicans and Republican leaners rate the situation with Islamic militants and the deficit in their top five issues. For Democrats and Democrat […]